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During the summer of 2011, after graduating from college, I got hooked on cooking (thanks to a big kitchen at home and lots of spare time) and I chose to share my passion on my own food blog: Reading, Writing, and Ravioli. During the next year, I took a handful of culinary arts classes at my community college, briefly considered attending culinary school, and essentially paid rent to my parents (who so graciously took me in after I graduated with a degree in English and no idea what to do with it) by cooking dinner a few nights a week. I loved trying new recipes, creating my own, and sharing my adventures on my blog, but in the summer of 2013, I realized that I needed a change. My blog just wasn’t cutting it for me anymore, and one of the problems was this one simple thing: I am absolutely awful at measuring while cooking, which makes sharing recipes online a little difficult…a lot of people want recipes with exact measurements and required equipment lists and a little box telling them how many calories are in the finished dish. I am not one of these people. I love cooking because I love the freedom of it. I trust my instincts and I add and take away ingredients as I wish and I believe that that is what makes cooking fun: being creative and trusting your gut (and your nose! And your taste buds. And even your eyes.). So, with that thought in mind, I’m trying something new here…I’m cooking and I’m not measuring and I’m sharing this with y’all. I’m giving you the raw ingredients (no pun intended) and some approximate measurements (if anything) and trusting you to trust yourself to put it all together. As Frances Mayes said in Under the Tuscan Sun (1996), “There is no technique, there is just the way to do it. Now, are we going to measure or are we going to cook?”


The first post starts here (posts before this have been imported from my previous blog).

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