Blog Updates & Maintenance, Sept. 2013

Hello readers!

This afternoon, I finally utilized the “Import” tool and imported all of my old posts from my previous blog, Reading, Writing, and Ravioli. I had tons of recipe posts over there and I didn’t want to lose those just because I’m writing on a new blog now. So, as of right now, they are all imported and able to be viewed. I am currently working on editing tags and categories, as well as checking formatting on each post, to make sure they all look good and work properly here on WordPress. I have deleted any old posts (imported here) from the old blog that didn’t include recipes (I’m keeping the old blog up for now, so they can be found there). Please bear with me while I make some changes and please, go check out the old recipe posts. They’ve got a bit of a different feel than what I’m posting now (especially the earliest posts, where I’m still trying to figure out how to post and format), but they’re all quite good, if I do say so myself.


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